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Music Accessories Rental
Europe – Amsterdam

Looking for music accessories rental in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
or any other country in Europe?
At backline rental company Artist on the Road you’re at the right place!


We have music instruments and music accessories for rent for several days, or just for 1 day. But also for a week, a month, or even a whole year you can use our rental service.
We offer backline, instruments, accessories and tuners & effects rental.

Please contact us so we can help you out and take a look at our website to see our accessories rental catalogue.


In the accessories and tuners & effects rental catalogue we offer (among other things):

keyboard stand rental; key stool rental; piano bench rental; guitar boat rental; music stand rental; saxophone stand rental; trombone stand rental; trumpet stand rental; cello stand rental; guitar stand rental; violin stand rental; upright bass stool rental; cello bench rental; volume pedal rental; expression pedal rental; sustain pedal rental; stage tuner rental, amp screens rental, flute stand rental, double bass stand rental.


We also offer: drum accessories rentalcymbals rental; music instruments rental and amps rental.