Backline rental

Backline Rental

Backline rental company Artist on the Road has builded up the largest backline rental catalogue of the Netherlands.
Located in Amsterdam since 1987, providing our services all over Europe!
Besides backline rental in the Netherlands, we also offer our backline and instruments rental service in Belgium, Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Providing touring bands with our backline and van rental service all over Europe. From Barcelona to Paris; from Amsterdam up to London; from Rotterdam up to Berlin, Brussels, Prague, Utrecht, Madrid, Groningen, Stockholm, Oslo, Rome, Lisbon, or Milan (to name but a few)... This sounds like music to our ears; 'cause we love to be "on the Road"...


Artist on the Road offers a big variety of instruments rental and complete backline rental to national and international artists; bands; venues and stages; festivals; concerts; television and radio shows and booking agencies.
We also have a
great selection of vintage gear to rent! 


Backline Rental Europe

 Need to rent instruments for one day? Or are you looking for instruments rental for a whole year? Do you want to rent a complete backline for a day, a week, a month, or even a whole year? Touring with a band and backline through Europe? No problem at all! Feel free to contact us to check out your options. 

Take a look at this website to see our backline rental inventory and please feel free to ask for any specific instruments you'd like to rent, because we're always "on the Road" to expand and keep our backline rental catalogue up-to-date!

Backline Rental Europe Instruments Rental Amsterdam the Netherlands - Artist on the Road

Our backline rental inventory contains:

drumkits rental, electronic drumkits rental, snare drums rental, drumparts rental, cymbals rental, keys rental, piano rental, stage piano rental, midi controller rental, synthesizer rental, organ rental, amplifier rental, bass amps rental, guitar amps rental, key amps rental, electric guitars rental, acoustic guitars rental, electric bass rental, semi acoustic bass rental, upright bass rental, acoustic instruments rental, wind instruments rental, string instruments rental, saxophone rental, violin rental, trumpet rental, cello rental, accordion rental, percussion rental, tuners & effects rental and music accessories rental.



Backline & Transport in Europe

In need of transportation in Europe? We also offer tour van rental for bands and musicians! Artist on the Road supplies backline and transport service. We have different types of tour vans to rent, up to 7-seaters rental. Check our Tour Support page for our special deals and for more information about the tour vans that bands can hire! Or directly contact us to check out your options. Hiring a tourmanager or driver with us is also possible!


* Artist on the Road is located in Amsterdam – the Netherlands. Close to Schiphol Airport; where we can offer a pick up and delivery service.