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Looking for drums rental?
Backline rental company Artist on the Road also offers drumkits to rent.
Our drumkits rental catalogue contains 96 kits for you to rent!
At Artist on the Road we offer drumkits rental in the Netherlands, but also in every other country of Europe!


With Artist on the Road you can hire complete drumkits and electronic drumkits.
We offer different types of drums rental, like: snare drums, floor toms, rack toms, bass drums/kick drums.
And we have a big inventory of cymbals and other complimentary drumparts and drum hardware to rent (such as various kick pedals, hihat stands, snare stands, cymbal stands, triggers, rototoms, drum screens).
In our rental catalogue we offer different types of drumkits to rent.
And we also offer vintage drums rental!


Are you looking for a drumkit to rent for one day? Searching for drumkits rental for several days, a week, or a month?
Or do you want to hire a kit for a whole year?
It's all possible at backline rental company Artist on the Road. If you just Contact us!

Drums Rental Europe Drumkits Rental Amsterdam Netherlands - Artist on the Road Backline Rental

Our drums rental catalogue contains:

drumkits rental

electronic drumkits rental

snare drums rental

cymbals rental

drumparts rental

And we also have a big variety of percussion to rent.


We offer drums in different sizes.
kick drums / bass drums: 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26".
rack toms: 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15".
floor toms: 13", 14", 15", 16", 18".
snare drums:
12x5", 12x7",
13x3", 13x5", 13x5,5", 13x6,5", 13x7",
14x3", 14x4", 14x5", 14x5,5", 14x6", 14x6,5", 14x7, 14x7,5", 14x8". 


Artist on the Road works with different kinds of brands in our drumkits rental catalogue, such as: Yamaha drums, Pearl drums, Gretsch drums, Ludwig drums, Sonor drums, Slingerland drums, Tama Starclassic drums, Spaun drums, vintage Hayman drums, DW drums, Premier drums, Alesis drums, Rogers drums, Akai drums, Royal drums, Sabian drums, Paiste drums, Zildjian drums.



Drums Rental Europe Drumkits Verhuur Drumstel Huren Amsterdam Netherlands - Artist on the Road Backline Rental