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Andreas Zeller 3/4 Upright Bass

Bass Bow Rosin


Eberhard Meinel 3/4 Upright Bass

French Bass Bow

German Bass Bow

Mavis 3/4 Upright Bass

Plywood 3/4 Upright Bass

Strunal 4/4 Upright Bass

Upright Bass Rental Europe - Amsterdam


Upright bass rental in Europa. That's possible! With backline rental company Artist on the Road it's possible to rent instruments in the Netherlands and in every other country of Europe!


We supply upright bass rental, electric bass rental and semi acoustic bass guitar rental. But also for guitar rental (both electric and acoustic) you came to the right place. For an overview of all the instruments and our backline inventory you can take a look at our rental catalogue.


Check on this webpage the upright basses that we supply for rental. And please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you're looking for a specific type of product. We are constantly busy to update and expand our rental catalogue and will be happy to help you out.


The electric basses and semi acoustic bass guitars that we supply for rental, do have their own webpage. We also offer bass amplifiers and a variety of accessories to rent, which you can add on to your upright bass rental. 


The upright basses that we supply for rental:

Andreas Zeller 3/4 upright bass; Eberhard Meinel 3/4 upright bass; Mavis 3/4 upright bass; Plywood 3/4 upright bass; Strunal 4/4 upright bass.


We also supply complementary upright bass bows for rent:

Upright bass bow Rosin; upright bass bow; French upright bass bow; German bass bow for upright basses.