Guitar Rental Europe – Amsterdam


Looking for guitar rental in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, or Europe? We have a big selection of guitars to rent in our guitars catalogue!


At backline rental and instruments rental company Artist on the Road we offer guitars rental, electric guitars rental, acoustic guitars rental, bass rental, electric bass rental, semi acoustic bass rental and we also offer guitar amps to rent! (combos, tops, cabinets and acoustic combos)


The rental service of Artist on the Road is available in every country of Europe.
And our rental catalogue contains 80 different types of guitars to rent!


Interested in renting a guitar for several days?
Are you looking for an electric guitar to rent for 1 day?
Or do you want to rent our guitars for a whole year?
It’s up to you!
Feel free to contact us and backline rental company Artist on the Road will help you out!


In our guitars catalogue we offer:

electric guitars to rent

acoustic guitars to rent

guitar amps to rent

We also offer bass guitars (electric bass guitars, semi acoustic basses and bass amps), tuners & effects and accessories to rent.


We work with different brands in our guitars catalogue, such as:
Fender, Gibson, Tokai, Traveler, Yamaha, Guild, Martin, Ovation, Takamine, Taylor, Danelectro, Epiphone, Gretsch, Ibanez, Squier, Simon & Patrick.